Campus Location:

10611 Garland Road, Suite 104
Dallas, Texas 7521

X-ray Certificate Program


This is a basic X-ray course it does not include specialty such as ultrasound, MRI  ect... but can be used to extend to your medical career. The courses included in the Radiology Training Non-Certified Technician (NCT) certificate program provides students an overview of the historical development of radiography, basic radiation protection, an introduction to medical terminology, ethical and legal issues for health care professionals, and an orientation to the profession and the health care system.  Also included is instruction on anatomic relationships present under various sectional orientations and the scientific process of radiographic image evaluation. 

Certification Information

After successful completion of the radiology training courses, students will be eligible for placement on the Texas Medical Board Non-Certified Technician Registry.  Students will need to fill out the application form and pay the *registry fee.  *Fingerprinting is required for this credentialing.  



*These fees are not apart of the program cost