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  • How does Performance Masters work?
    We are a company that provides training for companies and individuals with 20 plus years of teaching in the Dallas Fort worth area. So sign up for online training or on site at our location.
  • Can I work nationwide?
    Absolutely, upon completion of all your training you will complete national registry and work nationwide.
  • Do I have to pay in full? Do have a payment plan and How do I get a started?
    Even though we prefer full payment, we do offer payment plans, each student I unique, so call us for more information
  • Where Can I get a job?
    You can work anywhere any state any hospital or clinic that need a Medical Assistant or MRI Technologist, Phlebotomist
  • How long are your workshops?
    Our workshops can be as little as 2 day to 24 wks, depending on your choice of training
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