Training Courses






Medical Assisting (12 weeks)


    You must schedule an interview to for acceptance for the program and meet criteria for entrance

    Your educational and professional success is our goal.

   Throughout the program, 

  • Develop the ability to perform clinical and administrative duties

  • Partner with local health care facilities for relevant hands-on training, practice, and mentorship

  • Explore various facets of the medical assistant trade throughout different courses and practical requirements Upon graduating, you’ll be eligible for a rewarding career in a variety of settings such as hospital clinics, and other types of health care facilities. Job placement assistant is available through career services.


Phlebotomy  (4-week )


This certificate program provides training in obtaining blood specimens by venipuncture and micro-collection techniques. Phlebotomy technician classes also teach you to collect and process other clinical specimens. As a graduate, you can work in hospitals, physician offices or in independent labs.

Here are just a few classes you will take during the Phlebotomy Technician program:

  • CPR and First Aid

  • Anatomy and Physiology

  • Venipuncture

  • Urinalysis

  • Centrifuging and processing

MRI Assistant(24 week Course)


This certificate program provides classroom and clinical instruction in Magnetic Resonance Imaging.Completion of the prescribed curriculum will help prepare the student for the job ready entry.

Full Course Registration


  • All didactic classes are online.

  • 300 hours of Clinical observation scheduled, at students' convenience and sites availability. 

  • Full access to E-Learning system.( Lectures, quizzes, homework, handouts

  • Supplemental educational materials (handouts, CD’s, presentations, MR Physics programs

  • MRI Principles:  Introduction to the basic concepts of  MRI physics and fundamentals. 

  • MRI Safety and Patient Care:  Iv  training for  Contrast Enhancement studies.

This course is designed to introduce the student to the clinical application of all didactic courses. It is scheduled at the convenience of the student with days, evenings and weekend hours available for a total of 300 hours of Clinical observaiton. 
Clinical Supervision is conducted by MRI Education Facility

Medical Assisting Certification-Only Training

(4-week Course)



If you have already graduated from a Medical Assisting Program or have been working as a Medical Assistant and you want to study for your much-needed certification? This course is for you. Prepare for the test here! We have a 99% pass success rate.

Physician Assitant CME Training(8 HRS)


If you are a P.A. needing Flouro training our board-certified Radiologist will train you to 8-hour Category 1 CMEU  this includes

The radiation safety awareness training the following topics:

         principles of radiation protection;

         biological effects of x-ray radiation

         principles of fluoroscopic systems

         operation of fluoroscopic systems used for intervention purposes;

         fluoroscopic exposure (air kerma) outputs

         high-level control options

         dose reduction techniques; and procedures for recording pertinent data specified

         1-2 hour fluoroscopic machine training demonstration 


MRI Technologist (52 week Course)


This certificate program provides classroom and clinical instruction in Magnetic Resonance Imaging.Completion of the prescribed curriculum will help prepare the student for the job ready entry.

MRI Certification Program

We offer a 52-week clinical and online MRI certificate program that covers all the required MRI Content Specifications as outlined by the Registry. Every student enrolled in this program is given adequate online educational resources as well as the necessary clinical training. To help our students during the actual certification examination, we also provide one complimentary mock  MRI registry test, along with 1,000  MRI registry type questions that they can use as a reviewer. We also give our own online midterm examination that consists of 100 questions that are comparable to the testing standards. Students will immediately receive the result, explanation, and feedback on this midterm exam.

The clinical training included in the PMCI MRI Certification Program is offered at several affiliate sites. We provide a separate downloadable and printable clinical workbook for this purpose. We will also assign a personal clinical coordinator to our students during their training. It is the task of the coordinator to keep you on the right track and help you verify the cases you encountered.

We have the entire MRI Syllabus available for preview, and it is enough to get you started. That part of the program is supposed to run for a week, and then the topics involving Patient Care & MRI safety and Fundamentals of MRI Physics. What’s more, PMCI doesn’t stop at providing premium education to the students enlisted in our program. We also offer job placement assistance to students who excel in class and have perfect attendance. Additionally, we have a resume assistance that students who completed the program can take advantage of.

Clinical Supervision is conducted by MRI Education Facility