Social Media Scholarship Fund


As a student you invest in your education, many are taking the time to invest in social media as well. In recognition of the growing number of individuals showing a passion to lead and inspire positive change through social media, we have created the Social Media Scholarship Fund.


Each new starting session will have an opportunity for students to be awarded scholarships to help ease the financial burden of a career education. Tell your friends and fellow students about the program! Register below and enter the contest. 


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"Giving Back in the Medical Community" Scholarship Fund


This Scholarship Fund is in honor of an Internal Medicine Physician who exemplifies the very meaning of giving back to the community.


Dr. Mustafa Firoz, MD, has a distinquished career as a physician licensed in five (5) states. American Board of Internal Medicine and Geriatrics Medicine certified.

Dr. Firoz is an important part of the medical community in Willis Point, Texas.

As a recipient of this Scholarship, you will honoring the career of a dedicated healthcare provider.

Click the below to download information regarding this Scholarship Fund.

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